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First thing first: Thanks!



First things first.

Question of etiquette, when starting a blog like this, mainly focused on Data Science with R, is to acknowledge all the people and teams that made possible that I’m writing this today.

People from CRAN, Rstudio and the R consortium, for pushing forward the best language in the world for data analytics. A language I love from the first day. Today, many years ago, i still remember my goose bumps when writing R code for the first time. Thanks all of them.

Thanks too to the HUGO team, for making such an easy and quick site builder for static pages. It works, quickly and easily. Netlify is a great service for deploying a HUGO static website, so kudos to them too.

To the R community, people that works every day making this language great, sharing their knowledge for free. It’s time for me to pay sharing my findings.

To all my colleagues and partners I’ve been working with throughout all the start-ups and businesses where I struggle to give my best. Many of you are, not only the best persons I’ve ever meet, but the shiniest and brighter. Your example and leadership led me to be the Data Scientist I am now.

And last but not least, Yihui Xie for Blogdown, an awesome R package for blogging from Rstudio. Easy and superb, taking advantage on using Rmarkdown and my favourite IDE.

Thanks all!!!