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About Me


Started my career long time ago designing data architectures based on SQL Server and Oracle. Did some CRUD programming and database management applications with ASP and PHP, among other languages. Designing data architectures and modeling relational databases for complex applications lead to Certifications on Business Intelligence with Oracle BI an Microsoft BI.

Early on my path discovered Linux and Open Source Community, and feeling very passionate about it, changed my path and never looked back. Started to work with Open Source, MySql Clusters (Percona), PostgreSql Server. Using Debian as my favourite OS. began using Pentaho Kettle as ETL and Eclipse BIRT as reporting tool, among many others, for my analytical work. From these days on, I prefer Bash and Zsh for my basic daily work. There’s a lot of tools to do Data Science without getting out from the command line.

Recalling past years came to mind that milestone in my career was getting in touch with the R language. I remember my first encounter as if it were yesterday. I remember the goose bumps and the soft exclamation (“Oh my…”) that suddenly came out of my mouth the day I fired Rstudio and issued a simple “table” command with some data I was analyzing. All my life processing data and R is aimed at processing data. Love at first sight.

Became some time ago Chief Data Officer in a big international Spanish Start-up for 5 years, got in touch with Spark, Cassandra and MongoDB, and continued my path with Python (Pandas) skills, Docker Containers…. and a Master’s Degree on Data Science. Now I’m working as a Senior Data Scientist for a Financial Company.

My main tasks are focused on data science, data analysis, natural language processing, AI assisted decision Support, predictive modeling and Machine Learning applied to management platforms for distressed assets and financial data. Dashboard design, geographical mapping & data visualization are keys on my work.

I like to research & develop new strategies on processing huge amounts of data, discovering data insights, delivering a broad range of products, from reporting tools with Rmarkdown, Shiny and Tableau, to Natural Language Processing on machine learning algorithms for document classification.

Love to learn new things to make my work faster, cleaner and prettier.