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Some essential R packages



For me, there’s a bunch of packages considered as “essential” ‘cause in the end, sooner or later I use them in any project that involved opening the RStudio regardless of the type of issue that I’m trying to address. At some point in the process I need to present preliminary data (knitr, rmarkdown, janitor), display graphs (ggplot2, ggthemes, ggThemeAssist, gridBase, grid, corrplot) or simply manipulate data (dplyr, tidyr, stringr). So I use the same snippet to load them at the beginning of any script. [code snippet at the end of post] I start loading pacman, that saves me the trouble of checking if the mentioned package is installed or not, and installs it and/or loads it in the environment as needed. I will briefly comment on some of them:

if (!require(pacman)) install.packages(“pacman”)
p_load(“devtools”, “corrplot”, “tidyverse”, “knitr”, “RDocumentation”,
 “janitor”, “rticles”, “data.table”, “formatR”, “ggThemeAssist”, “ggthemes”,
 “rio”, “magrittr”, “microbenchmark”, “reshape2”, “rmarkdown”,
 “gridBase”, “grid”, “plyr” )