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Selecting packages while coding



Sometimes, you must choose a package to achieve some results while you’re coding. Let’s say, you’re wrangling data and noticed you need a quick way of getting the mode of a vector. Base R does not provides such a method/function, but we can get a package to make our life easier (mode is not a hard working function you can code, but let’s use it for the sake of the hint described here).

My usual procedure is to reach RDocumentation website, search for mode function, and found this three:

Now, inside your preferred R code editor (hope you’re using Rstudio) just use packagemetrics package to get info to compare:


mode_packages <- c("modeest","pracma","modes")

mode_metrics <- package_list_metrics(mode_packages)


This way you get a nifty table with some information about these packages to help you choose.

package metrics table